10 Things I Learned Listening in Texas (Plus Photos)

My time in Texas was amazing. I had so much fun getting to see my friends, family, and collecting stories. It was also amazing to spend time with people that are bringing hope and more of the Kingdom of God to the state of Texas. Here are 10 things that I learned about the beautiful state of Texas. Plus some photos from my trip. 

More stories to come... Stay tuned! 

  1. College football is king: Everyone has a kingdom they align with
  2. Flags are not just to fly they are a statement … as well as decor
  3. Anything can be made in the shape of Texas including Landscaping
  4. “Everything's bigger in Texas” is not just a saying it’s a way of life
  5. “Don't Mess with Texas” is used on traffic sign
  6. Topo Chico is the best Mineral Water in all the land
  7. Water towers are advertising
  8. Churches have neon signs
  9. Breakfast Tacos makes my heart sing
  10. There is so much that I didn't see that I wish I could have