Photo by Maryann Shaw

Photo by Maryann Shaw

Cassie Carroll recently graduated from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, with a Master's of Divinity. Her desire is to help people see God in the midst of life - especially when it feels as though God is not present. 

In a surprising turn of events, Cassie has gone back to her roots. She is currently the Ministries Assistant at Westminster Woods. Having grown up at The Woods, Cassie is excited to be back in a place that is so dear to her heart. Working with the Ministries Department, Cassie is helping create opportunities for campers of all ages to come and encounter God in the Redwood Forest.

Cassie is also working with the Presbyterian Church of the Roses, in Santa Rosa, CA. She has started a monthly, evening service called Sacred Space. Sacred Space is a contemplative service that focuses on meditation, prayer, worship, and creative expression in worship through community.

Cassie also started The Listening in Place Project, in August 2016. She is collecting stories from church planters, practitioners, pastors, social entrepreneurs, and theologians throughout the United States that are rethinking the way we “do” church. These stories provide hope to the Church that has lost a sense of what it means to belong to each other. 

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