Here is the list of the amazing organizations and people that are helping make this project a reality. 

Thank you so much for your support. Without you this project would not be possible.  

Here is what the sponsorships look like. All sponsors will be added to a email update to keep tabs on what Cassie is up to. As well there is an option to be anonymous. 

Connecting Sponsor $1000+

  • Suggest 3 people to interview and you are guaranteed 1 will be interviewed.*
  • The opportunity to have Cassie come and speak to your organization, church, or institution about her journey.
  • Logo on Cassie’s Website with link if requested.

Cohort Sponsor $201 - $999

  •  Logo on Cassie’s Website.

Community Sponsor $1 - $200

  • Name on Cassie’s Website.

*The Seattle School stewards the podcast content. They edit and produce the final content. 

Primary Sponsor:

Media Sponsors: Different organizations that share my work and writing on their sites. Make sure to check out the amazing work these organizations are doing! 

Cohort Sponsors:




Community Sponsors:

Carol Heath

Debbie & Bob Stoddard

Dave Thom

Jared & Sarah Nazarian 

Others that prefer to be anonymous 

All the support raised for The Listening in Place Project will finance The Listening in Place Project. The support raised is not for the personal gain of Cassie Carroll. The money will be used for flights, car rentals, food, and supplies.