The Listening in Place Project Podcasts

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Episode 8: Northwoods Presbyterian Church in Spring, TX

Hear the passion of Rev. Dr. Paul Nazarian as he struggles with how to help his church lean into the fear of change while honoring the goodness of their identity.  

Episode 7: Vox Veniae in East Austin, TX

Listen to Gideon Tsang talk about pastoral burnout, church as art, starting and sustaining a church plant, and more. 


Episode 6: Sunrise Community Church in South Austin, TX

Hear Mark Hilbelink, Michelle Thompson, and Emily Grace Clark discuss the adventure of facilitating sacred space for people with different economic standing.


Episode 5: Union Coffee in Dallas, TX

What does it mean to have room to experiment and fail in the church? Hear Michael Baughman and Chelsea Zortman talk about how freedom to play creates community. 


Episode 4: Marvin Wadlow, Jr. in burbank, Ca

Hear Marin Wadlow Jr. and I discuss what it really means to teach people how to engage racial conversations. 


Episode 3: Mark Scandrette in San Francisco, CA.

Hear Mark Scandrette and I chat about privilege and a community coming together out of tragedy. 


Episode 2: Jeff Richards in Sacramento, CA.

Listen to Jeff tell his story of work in MidTown and consider how we can partner with God's already active presence where we live? 


Episode 1: Ryan Althaus in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Hear the first episode of the Listening in Place Project Podcast. Ryan Althaus tells his story of hope for the future of the church.