Quest Church • March 2015

This curriculum was developed for the Depth Classes at Quest Church in Seattle, Washington. Quest is a multi-ethnic church and desires to help develop their congregation in the areas of Soul, Community, Reconciliation, Compassion & Justice and Global Presence. This class finds itself under the umbrella of Soul, Community and Reconciliation. Neighbor Who? focused on the need we have for intentional presence in the space, environment, and community we live. 

Where do we walk? Where to drive? Am I paying attention to what or who I pass? Is God calling me to meet my space, environment, and community in a way that I have just not noticed? 

Neighbor Who? walked through the process of Listen, Discern, and Act. A process that allows participants space to intentionally pray through the calling that God has for them in their particular. 

Click the picture to through the Power Point of the class.